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New for2015!
Your preparation is of the up most importance,
so you must make sure you are physically and
mentally prepared!


It is know good thinking you know best! You
must be prepared for the best option.
Because you can not control anyone around
you you must control yourself!

You will be out on route for about 35 to 40
minuets and have to do a manoeuvre,
ten minuets of independent driving and
a possible control stop.

Knowing all your options
Your Driving Examiners
Your driving examiners are there just to observe, they are not there to trick you!
Some examiners may wish to assess you in silence, others may talk to you and
try to make you feel comfortable. After all they are not on commission to fail you!
Are You Ready?
 I do everything in my power
to give you the Skills to get
Your Driving Licence
Finding The Test Centre
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