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Motorway Driving Course Hull

After Learning to Drive with a well know large Driving School, my parents and I decided to get in  touch with John my confidence had gone due to issues with her other instructor.

Some of my friends Passed First Time!  With John so After a assessment both John and I & I built up my confidence.

I Passed on Her First Attempt So Can You!

After an initial assesment to see if I could handle the course. John put me through as fast as possible even though I broke my arm after just six hours of training. Eight weeks rest and another 10 hours later

I had my driving test.

Amazing enough I passed first time!

Are you prepared to work as hard as Shane?

I took Driving Lessons when I was younger, but  did not get far. I needed  to get my Driving Licence.

Me and John worked hard but I couldn’t get my head  around a few things , so we started taking lessons in  my car.

“My confidence soared!”

I Passed  first time with only one driver fault!

“After Passing my driving test I wanted more experience night as I learnt to drive mostly on a daytime so John Picked me up at 7pm to complete the night time course”

“It was awesome”,

“I even brought some music, John encouraged  me  to concentrate more while listening while planning.”

Before I took Driving Lessons with John I was taught in the Philippines by my relatives.

John help me get up to standard so I could obtain a UK Driving Licence.

Thank you John for all your help and encouragement.

After going on the wrong route and forgetting  which way to go. I Passed First Time so can you!

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Me and my brother were both 17 at the same time so we decided to Learn to drive together.

This Experience was really interactive when I was sat in the back I was always kept occupied and busy listening and writing notes

The Experience Helped Me Pass First Time!

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I had to delay my Driving Lessons by two weeks due to an injury.

This course help me get my Driving Licence quicker. It was great fun and good to watch  other while learning.

Fantastic I Got my Driving Licence Quicker than I thought,

I Pass on The First Attempt!

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“I enjoyed it so much I took Further Training”

After Pass My Test I decided to Take  Extra Training.

I Had some unbelievable experiences during my training

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After Passing my Test I wanted more experience so I could go visiting Friend in Leeds

John Recommended The PASS PLUS COURSE

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My Skid Avoidance Training

John Taught me a wide range of Skid Avoidance Techniques this made it easier to understand the theory behind why drivers have accidents

“Extreme Winter Training”

I was amazed skid  avoidance control differed from normal driving.

Thank To John it was easy and cost effective to get my Taxi Licence.

With Fantastic Results

Thanks John

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Study Buddy Course
Study Buddies

Learning Passing My Driving Test Was Hard!

Until I saw The Result 0 Driver Faults

That’s No Faults Perfect Drive!