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New for2015!
Half. Price. Assessment lesson.

This offer is open to new pupils with Driving Experience,

Ideal as a gift.

Start with this deal and you will be well on your way to gettng your licence.

Offer subject to availability.

The assessment is only open to pupils who think they are at Test standard, this one hour assessment will inform you of your weak areas. I will assess you on a wide range of roads in and around the area where you live.

At the begining of the assessment you will be taken to a suitable area.

During the assessment you will have the opportunity to discuss your


This assessment will:

• Help you understand and fix your    faults, if you have any.

• Help you fix your own faults.

• Help you deal with problem solving.

• Help you develop your personal skills.

• Help you take the correct approach to    getting your licence.

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