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However when I was driving I wasn’t concentrating on my driving as much as I would of liked, which to me was more important and I started to worry, I felt uncomfortable being watch and got more worried thinking about what the passenger in the back was thinking.

As I distracted myself thinking of others, I forgot what to do.

This really knocked my confidence because it made me make more mistakes, as I was not thinking of myself! Which also lead to more worrying.

John helped me overcome this worry by reassuring me and taking me out on a few one to one sessions.

If you are a person who is easily worried then maybe car sharing isn’t for you!

however if you cope well and don’t worry about what others think, you should be just fine with car sharing.

I would say you will learn a lot from car sharing as you see how others drive and also work together to help each other.

Chantelle Pace

Chantelle Pace
 “You will Learn a lot from 
Car Sharing 
As you see how others

Name: Chantelle Pace

Course: Study Buddy

In my opinion car sharing is extremely useful when observing the other driver, (Driving Buddy)

I found car sharing good when I wasn’t driving because I was observing & was constantly learning. John told me to make notes and also interacted with me and asked me my opinion this helped me understand subjects more clearly, I could spot road signs more easily.

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