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 “Watching The Other  
Driver is Really Valuable”

Watching the other driver is really valuable because you can see the other driver and also learn from what they do, however one of the things I found hard to cope with was almost jumping in to answer a question that was meant for the driver not the passenger.

I was buzzing because I knew the answer, John stated that I could answer the question later as it may make the other driver feel inadequate.

John still let me interact with the lesson so I was not bored and if I was happy not to ask I had an option to practice my theory or take notes

There was no extra charge for sitting in the back & learning.

Jack Pace

Name: Jack Pace

Course: Study Buddy

The things I like about Car sharing are is that even when you’re not driving John made sure I was involved with what was going on and kept asking me if I was ok, he let me write note for myself on his ipad.

Jacks Review